The problem held by door knobs. Coexistence of design and radio wave transparency.

Today in the automobile industry, intelligentization such as automatic brake and automatic driving assistance technology is progressing at an accelerating pace. Smart Entry is one of them. It is a new system where you do not need a key such as; when approaching the car or touching the door knob, it recognizes the owner, unlock the door, locks automatically when you leave. However, radio waves indispensable for this Smart Entry have a characteristic that it cannot pass through metal. From the design point of view, luxury cars are often using metal-plated doorknobs, but they cannot pass radio waves, and the coexsistence between design and radio wave permeability was a challenge for the spread of Smart Entry. 

We developed a special film that combines real metallic texture and radio wave permeability.

Wavelock Group developed a metallic decorative film, replacing metal plating that does not pass radio wave. By applying a special structured metal steaming on to the ABS resin, radio waves have the property of transmitting the gap of the metal components. Since it looks the same as metal plating, adoption to Smart Entry equipped vehicle is progressing. 
Moreover, compared to the conventional alternative plating technology, it has the feature that can express deep texture, and it is used not only for plating parts but also as an accent for the design and around the front panel of the interior and the shift knob as well.
As the intelligentization progresses further and the necessity of materials with radio wave permeability increases, we are expecting that the metallic decorative film of the Wavelock Group will expand its use in many fields.

Wavelock Group’s “Metallic Decorative Film”

The metallic decorative film of the Wavelock Group is made of special metal deposited on resin and processed into tape and sheet, so it is easy to mold and used for doorknob as well as interior and exterior of cars. It is also used in various resin parts for electronic equipment and household appliances. 
By using our proprietary coloring technology, it is possible to make not only silver but also various colors and it can express deeper gloss and tone that no other companies can. 
As the consumer preference increases and the importance of design increases in product development, the needs for the metallic decorative film is expanding.