Allergen Substances that exists in daily life indoor.

The prevalence of Japanese allergic rhinitis is estimated to be about 40%, the prevalence of atopy is estimated to be about 7%, and it is considered as a national disease. Allergic substances that cause allergic symptoms, such as mite's carcasses and feces, pet dandruff, pollen brought in from the outside, are overflowing in the house. Even if the mite dies, allergens will remain unless carcasses and feces are removed, and pollen will adhere to clothes and enter the room. Therefore, it is impossible to completely shut out the invasion from the outside into the room.
For patients with atopy or those suffering from allergic rhinitis, measures to deal with indoor allergens are considered to be an issue for peace of mind at home.

With proprietary technology, we process allergen inhibitor on wallpaper

The Wavelock Group has developed wallpaper that wraps allergens using a proven allergen inhibitor that was used for carpets, bedding, automobile seats, filter for household appliances, residential ventilation systems, detergents, etc. The allergen that contact the wallpaper suppress its energy and the remaining amount after 24 hours was 18% for mites and 28% for cedar pollen and the effect was also recognized by the Japanese Atopic Association. 

Wavelock Group “Anti-allergen functional wallpaper” recommended item

The “Anti-allergen functional wallpaper” developed by The Wavelock Group is designated as a recommended item of the Japan Atopic Association since it uses raw material that can be directly touched, in addition to the effect of suppressing allergens.