We developed a screen door using yarn kneaded with insect repellent drugs.

Wavelock Group has the strength to be able to consistently produce from spinning yarn, weaving, and finishing to its final production. We succeeded in producing an insect screen using yarn kneaded with “Ethofenprox” which exerts high repellent effect against various insects. Etofenprox is a drug that was used for controlling Aedes albopictus which was a source of Dengue fever infection in Japan. Instead of just applying the chemical to the screen, our company succeeded in kneading the chemical into the yarn by using a proprietary patented technology which made it successful in sustaining the repellent effect stably for a long time. In addition to the technique of weaving insect net into a uniform mesh, insects cannot stay in the screen due to the effect of this drug, and so it is highly effective in preventing the invasion of the insects into the room. Also, the amount of drug being used is minute and do not have adverse effects on humans and animals. Moreover, it does not evaporate and does not drift in the air, so it is environmentally friendly, and it can be used safely even at home with children and pets. 
We expect to see the demand not only in Japan but also worldwide as measures against the global epidemic of insect-borne infectious diseases. 

“Insect Repellant Net” Made by Wavelock Group

“Insect repellent net” is manufactured by the DIO Chemical, Ltd which is the domestic top manufacturer of insect repellent net, a part of Wavelock Group, and they are responsible from manufacture to sales. DIO Chemical, Ltd was the first company in Japan to produce netting for screen door made by resin and the know-how cultivated by the company applied to creating “Insect repellent net”. Moreover, basic performance such as high durability as an insect screen for screen doors and visibility is competitive with other conventional products.
We stably supply seasonal products to the domestic market by constructing a mass logistics system capable of meeting the demand of more than 3,000 DIY stores in Japan.




The Secondary disaster occurred frequently during the earthquake with Smokeproof hanging wall

In commercial buildings and office buildings etc. exceeding a certain size, installation of fire prevention equipment called "smokeproof wall" is mandatory. It is a partition hanging 50cm from the ceiling to prevent diffusion of smoke and toxic gas in the event of a fire and most of them were made of glass to maintain aesthetic looks. However, during the 2007 Chuetsu-coast earthquake and the 2011 East Japan Great earthquake, the glass fell and scattered over people, equipment, fixtures and products and caused many secondary disasters. As a result, the need for highly transparent and resin-made incombustible sheets that can maintain aesthetic appeal with an emphasis on safety has increased.

High transparency born by fusion of glass fiber and polyvinyl chloride

We have developed a non-flammable and highly transparent sheet by using 100% glass fiber as the base fabric and transparent special resin polyvinyl chloride as the resin and created fusion effect with these proprietary technology of the Wavelock Group.
While maintaining the characteristics of the resin, it achieves high light transmittance of 90% and transparency. By using this as a smokeproof wall, it became possible to increase the safety at the time of the disaster while maintaining aesthetic appearance.
In addition, it is easier to transport and install due to its lightness of about 1/10 of the glass, and so we expect demand will increase related to this product.

Wavelock Group's “high transparency incombustible sheet” 

Wavelock Group's high transparency incombustible sheet is a proprietary product characterized by incombustibility, lightweight, no breaking, and no scattering. Since it is lightweight, there is no need for reinforcement work of the ceiling upon installment and it is easy to adjust space layout changes as well as the time of new construction.  We expect a wide range of demand to increase. In addition, we have acquired certification of non-combustible material from the Ministry of Land and Transportation and it can be used as a partition for special buildings subject to interior restrictions.