Synergy Of Material

Materials have the potential to be reborn, by encountering other materials.
By fusing ordinary materials together such as resin, metal, paper and textile, we create unexpected futuristic materials. 
We are a company with such synergy technology.  
We deliver convenience, strength, and beauty to every corner of this world with these new materials that we created. 
Perhaps our synergy will be found around your life too.



Product. Solution


Next to your day to day life. Integrated within the society.
Wavelock’s composite materials are working around you. 

Wavelock is centered around three businesses such as; sophisticated interior materials, the well-known convenient materials and furthermore, with the next generational materials, we deliver the power of materials to various places in this world.

Team Wavelock


Various strengths but one passion.
We, Wavelock will stand to the challenge as a team. 

Wavelock Holdings gather multiple business companies. Each one has its sparkling characteristics and at the same time, linked to each other. This fellowship is “The Wavelock Team” and our ideas.