Wavelock Group Vision, Mission & Values

◆ Vision:

  Aiming for realization, what we want to be in the future.

In order to maximize the happiness of the stakeholders of the Wavelock Group, we aim to become a company with a strong presence that boasts world-class profitability in the industry.



  The mission that a company should fulfill, and its significance of existence. By utilizing the manufacturing technology, know-how, business relationships and networks of  the Wavelock Group, we thrive to solve various “negativity” that the society holds. 



  Common values of the organization.


 <Respect individuals>

・After all, the value of a company lies within the “people”.

・Keeping in mind that the growth of each person will lead to the growth of the company.

・Each and every employee of the Wavelock Group is irreplaceable.

・Respect each person’s “ideas” and “thoughts”.


<Be Honest and sincere>

・To be successful in business, you need “Logos (logic)"   and “Pathos (passion)”.

・However we will not accept results without “Ethos (ethics)”


<We accept positive mistakes>

・Maintaining the status quo without taking on challenge,         

   fearing failure means recession.

・Think of positive failures as a fertilizer of an individual’s career 

   and the source of corporate growth.