Focus on people who unsung hero in Wavelock.
We look back on our history and think of our future from 2020.

Vol.9 July 2022

Along with the customers and manufacture departments, Sales job creates products.

T.K Living Solution Department, Innovex Ltd.,

Vol.8 May 2022

Hello New World. Nice to meet you (part2)

A.H, Technology Development Department, Innovex Ltd.,

Y.Y, Production1,Industrial Materials Production Department, Koga Factory, Innovex Ltd.,

S.W, Technology Dep,  Wavelock Advanced Technology Ltd.,

Vol.7 Feb 2022

Hello New World. Nice to meet you (part1)

Y.T, Technical Department, Wavelock Advanced Technology, Ltd.,

M.K, Living Solution Department, Innovex Ltd.,

K.K, Technical Department, Innovex Ltd.,

Vol.6 Sep 2021

People keep changing and therefore sales 

department can be interesting with some


T.M, Wavelock Advanced Technology Ltd., C-tec TG


Vol.5 Dec 2020

Textile is a living thing. Believing in the sensibility of the manufacturer and pursuing the possibility of the woven mesh.

Y.I, Innovex Co.,Ltd Manufacturing Department, Weaving Department

Vol.4 Sep 2020

Infection prevention measures to protect the employee’s safety and to move forward with the new work style. 

Y.S, Wavelock Holdings Ltd., Human Resources and General Affairs Department, General Affairs Division

Vol.3 June 2020

Emergency response to the New Corona Virus

Birth story of “Miracle Fight” 

M.I, Nagoya Factory, Wavelock Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.
T.M D-tec, Wavelock Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.
K.Y Production Department 1, Wavelock Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.

Vol.2 May 2020

Supporting the factory with a smile and communication skill

A.S, General Affairs Department, Innovex Co.,Ltd.

Vol.1 April 2020

Confronting challenging work alongside the historic Machine A.

M.F, Industrial Materials Production Department, Innovex Co., Ltd.

N.E, Industrial Materials Production Department 1, Innovex Co., Ltd.