Wavelock Group Personal Information Protection Policy


Wavelock Holdings Co., Ltd., and each of our group companies (hereinafter referred to as the "Wavelock Group") recognize that protecting personal information is an important theme and will appropriately handle personal information in compliance with laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information.





1. The Wavelock Group will comply with the Act on the Personal  Information Protection and other relevant laws and  regulations, as well as the guidelines specified by the  government, with respect to personal information handled in all business activities and strive to use personal information appropriately.

2. The Wavelock Group will properly obtain personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use and shall not obtain such information by improper means.

3. When acquiring or using personal information, the Wavelock Group shall clearly or publicly announce the purpose of use and shall not handle personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use (i.e. use for any purpose other than the purpose of use).

4. The Wavelock Group shall not provide any personal information obtained to any third party except with the consent of the person in question or under laws and regulations.

5. The Wavelock Group will take systematic, human, physical, and technical security measures to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information in order to properly manage the personal information it has acquired.

6. The Wavelock Group will respond without delay to any requests for disclosure, correction, or suspension of use of personal information entrusted to us.


Wavelock Holdings Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and President

Tomonori Ishihara


[Handling of Personal Information]


1. Personal information to be obtained       

The Wavelock Group will appropriately acquire personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes.


2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Wavelock Group collects and uses personal information for the following purposes. We will not use personal  information in a manner that may encourage or induce illegal or unjust conduct.

  • For the provision and operation of services
  • For responding to inquiries
  • For the shipment of products, merchandise,and premiums
  • For communication about business negotiations and meetings
  • For information and management of campaigns and events
  • For providing information and advertising tailored to customer interests and preferences
  • For the improvement, enhancement, planning, and development of products, merchandise, and services
  • For the exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations under the Companies Act
  • For providing information and services to shareholders
  • For the implementation of recruitment services (including internships)
  • For management and internal management (including communication to retirees)


3. Shared Use of Personal Information

The Wavelock Group may share personal information among the Wavelock Group companies within the scope of the above mentioned purposes of use.

  • Items of personal information to be used jointl
    Name, address, date of birth, telephone number, fax number, email address, occupation, title, purchase history of Wavelock Group products and services, and other items necessary to achieve the above purposes of use.
  • Scope of joint users
    Wavelock Holdings Co., Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries as stated in its securities reports, etc.
  • Persons responsible for the management of such Personal Information
    The company that originally acquired the said personal information For the location of the Wavelock Group's headquarters, representatives, and other corporate information, please visit the Group companies on our website.


4. Contact for procedures, such as disclosure, correction, and suspension of use of personal information, consultation,  and complaints

Please contact the following for procedures for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of personal information by the person himself/herself or his/her representative, or for any other inquiries regarding personal information.We will respond to the procedures as soon as   reasonably  possible.Please note that we do not respond to inquiries made in person, by  telephone, or by fax.

Wavelock Group Personal Information Consultation Center Inquiry Form 


5. Cookie, etc.

The Wavelock Group may obtain information such as the Wavelock Group's web page or other web-based action history obtained using the web tracking technology of Cookie and other identifiers to provide better service. The cookie used by the Wavelock Group on its website does not include information that identifies a specific individual.The cookie can be disabled by changing the browser to be used.


6. Remarketing by Online Advertising

The EC Site operated by Innovex Co., Ltd. is contracted with advertising networks such as Google and Facebook etc. to advertise our services to potential customers. These networks store information about customers by cookie, which may include your IP address and browser settings. Cookies used for such services shall be used only for the purpose of distributing advertisements and shall not be used for any other purpose or for the purpose of collecting personal information. One form of advertising adopted by the e-commerce site operated by Innovex Co., Ltd. is called retargeting or remarketing. This allows us to show you ads on other websites as well if you have visited our e-commerce site in the past. It is managed based on the privacy policy of each company providing each tool. To disable each tool, you need to change the settings from each company's opt-out page.

・Shopify Privacy Policy:  https://www.shopify.jp/legal/privacy

・Google Analytics Terms:  https://www.google.com/analytic/terms/jp.html

・About the use of data by Google:  https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/

・Google Privacy Policy:  https://www.google.com/intl/ja/policies/privacy/

・Meta Data Policy:  https://ja-jp.facebook.com/policy.php


7. Security Control Measures

  • Human safety management measures
    •The Wavelock Group have obtained a written pledge of confidentiality from our employee and the rules ofemployment and other related regulations stipulate matters related to the confidentiality of personal information.
    •In-house education on the handling of personal information is being carried out.
  • Physical safety measures
    •Measures are taken to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.
    •Documents containing personal information are stored in lockable cabinets.
  • Technical Safety Management Measures
    •Access restrictions are implemented and the scope of persons in charge is limited.
    •Password management is implemented.
    •We have introduced a system to prevent unauthorized access from outside.


8. Enterprise Information Handling Personal Information

Wavelock Holdings Co., Ltd.

Innovex Co., Ltd.

Wavelock Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.

Kakegawa Sowing Co., Ltd.

69-1, Ayo, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka

Yasunori Sugimoto, Representative Director


Date established: November 1, 2006

Revised: April 1, 2022